Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN)


Key Features

  • All solid state (redundant ceramic triodes in the transmitter)
  • All band capability X and Y mode, 252 channels
  • 3kW peak power
  • Channel changing time, less than 1 minute (average)
  • Monitors, meters and test circuits are built-in; external equipment is not required
  • Ease off maintenance due to modular construction; MTTR of 25 minutes
  • Use off digital techniques to eliminate complex adjustment
  • High reliability; MTBF of 6,000 hours
  • Provisions for single or duel installations (Automatic switchover capability in duel installations)
  • Beacon cabinets identical in single or duel installations
  • Emergency mode transmission capability in the event of transmitter tube failures
  • Status Control indicator provides remote control over telephone lines
  • Reduced power output mode (700 watts)









The AN/URN-25 TACAN Transponder group is a full service transponder, which provides TACAN-equipped aircraft with range, bearing, and identification within a 300 mile radius, when coupled with a suitable antenna. DME equipped users are provided range information within the same radius.

The transponder has a 252-channel capability, transmits 3kW peak power, has built-in monitor and test capability and is completely solid state with the exception of redundant ceramic triodes utilized in the transmitter. The unit drives all existing mechanically rotated TACAN antennae and has been designed specifically for the state-of-the-art electronically modulated antenna groups.

The modern design of the transponder includes modular construction, use of digital techniques, emergency mode operations at reduced power, and a dual configuaration in the event of a failure. Included among the beacon’s many features is a 1 minute channel change capability.

The AN/URN-25, sponsored by the U.S. Navy, Naval Air Systems Command, is designed to military specifications, which requires full qualification for installation in surface ships, transportable vans, and fixed station sites. The beacon employs the same reliable techniques and knowledge developed through NavCom’s 30 years of TACAN design and production efforts. It is the only modern, high power system to have received U.S. Military Service approval and to have completed it’s seventh build cycle.