Test Equipment


The AN/UPM-155 Radar Test Set

Key Features

  • Built-In-Test which provides both fault detection and fault isolation to LRU level
  • Fully automatic transponder and interrogator test modes
  • Analog Controller Multiplexers are developed which enable complete autotest of the following IFF equipment:
    APX-64 APX-76 APX-101 UPX-27 KY-533 APX-72 APX-100 UPX-23 KY-532
  • Local operator control or remote control through either a standard IEEE-488 or EIA RS-232C Interface
  • High resolution display permits extensive operator instruction via menus and prompts
  • Advanced measurement capability provides precise digital readout of RF power, frequency, pulse spacing, pulse widths and VSWR
  • Mode 4 testing can be accomplished using KIT/KIR equipment (secure area required) or by using the UPM-155’s integral simulator, which generates Mode 4 maintenance codes
  • Operator-controlled, multi-function signal generator eliminates need for external pulse generators
  • Modular construction with common CPU bus interface to each functional analog/digital and applicable RF module
  • Designed for future growth with 20% of volume reserved for hardware growth and 100% CPU memory reserve. Additional memory possible through IEEE-488 or RS-232C Interface



The AN/UPM-155 is accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use. It will contribute to your organization’s bottom line by providing rapid, cost-efficient turnaround of IFF equipment while minimizing operator training requirements and skill levels.


The AN/UPM-155 Radar Test Set is a general purpose test set capable of testing all MK X and MK XII compatible IFF equipment, including transponders, interrogators and other associated system components. The AN/UPM-155 is designed and manufactured to meet full military specifications.

The AN/UPM-155 is microprocessor controlled, and features an interactive, menu driven user interface with onscreen help, a high resolution plasma display and an oscilloscope. An easy-to-use keyboard allows the operator to interface directly with the AN/UPM-155, which is completely self testing upon power up.

Menu-driven automatic testing is available through the use of UUT-specific analog controller multiplexers (i.e., smart interface cables), which adapt the AN/UPM-155 to many common IFF components.

The AN/UPM-155 is no longer in production.  NavCom still provides calibration and repair services for the AN/UPM-155.