Radar Altimetry

Signal Data Converter (SDC)

NavCom F16 sdc


Improved Safety and Reduced O&M Cost


Eliminates potential for data freeze if a power drop-out should occur (could occur during in-flight emergency power switching or during ground APU check).


Eliminates potential for bus conflict due to MIL-STD-1553B protocol deficiencies in the legacy SDC. These protocol deficiencies may cause costly high Can-Not-Duplicate (CND) failure rates for the CARA system due to flagged MFL003 on the F-16.


Higher Reliability-Predicted MTBF of 46,530 hrs for the new SDC vs. approximately 1,500 MTBR for the legacy SDC.

The CARA CV-3807 SDC provides a MIL-STD-1553B interface as well as multiple discrete interfaces used on the F-16 (all), C-17 (all), MC-130H, AC-130U, C-130 AMP and other aircraft. The legacy F-16 SDC configurations were originally fielded in the late 1980s with C-17, MC-130E, MC-130H, AC-130U, C-130 AMP and other aircraft following in the early 1990s to present. The legacy F-16 SDCs are fielded in US, FMS and Foreign aircraft. NavCom Defense Electronics, Inc. (the CARA Receiver-Transmitter OEM), under contract with the USAF, developed a Form-Fit-Function replacement for the legacy F-16 SDC to improve safety, correct several MIL-STD-1553B protocol deficiencies and increase reliability.


The new F³ CV-3807, MIL-STD-1553 Signal Data Converter (SDC)




NSN 5895-01-567-7326
NavCom Part Number 8010000806


is the fully qualified, “Preferred Item” replacement for the following legacy F-16 SDC:


NSN: 5895-01-230-1284
NSN: 5895-01-259-2564
NSN: 5895-01-445-1432