Test Equipment

TE-8060 Intermediate Level Test Set

TE-8060 Intermediate Level Test Set

Key Features


  • The TE-8060 can perform an Acceptance Test Procedure
    (ATP) automatically on each LRU
  • A GO/NO-GO tester for incoming inspection of each LRU
  • Maintenance and repair of the TE-8060 can be performed
    at a military Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL)
    repair center. All major components are easily removed from the
    cabinet to facilitate maintenance
  • I-Level documentation comprises separate manuals for
    the RT, HI, SDC, and the TE-8060



The NavCom TE-8060 Intermediate Level Test Set provides the
capability to perform a complete functional bench test of the CARA
RT, HI, and SDC.  The TE-8060 also allows a technician to isolate
faults to the Shop Replaceable Unit (SRU) level. 

The TE-8060 I-Level test station can be used for three
roles. The first is as a simple go/no-go tester to verify basic LRU
operation. Such testing is normally required at incoming inspection
and to verify organizational-level complaints. The second role of
the test station, with the aid of common test equipment, is to allow
repair to the SRU level. The third role is an extension of the
second, aiding the D-Level troubleshooting of circuit cards using an
LRU as a hot-mockup