Test Equipment

TE-8062 CARA Altitude Simulator


Key Features


  • The simulator is a single 19-inch panel assembly.
  • All simulator functions are controlled via an IEEE-488 data bus
  • The TE-8062 can simulate variable altitudes from 0 to 65,000 ft. and fixed calibrated altitudes of 18 ft., 153 ft., and 2,500 ft.
  • The TE-8062 can simulate level flight and constant rate ascending or descending altitudes.
  • The TE-8062 comes with a set of calibrated cables and adapters.
  • The TE-8062 provides an output for a spectrum analyzer
  • The TE-8062 provides the ability to mix a interference signal from a second CARA RT




The Altitude Simulator is inserted in the RF signal path of the RT to simulate variable altitudes and specific fixed altitudes, control path loss and mix the interfering transmit signal of a second RT into the RF signal path.