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Our Corona, CA facility provides design, manufacturing, and quality assurance capabilities for a broad range of complex electronics for military applications.

Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)

NavCom has test chambers capable of performing ESS (temperature cycling with random vibration) to satisfy most military and commercial requirements. When combined with our assembly and test capabilities, we can offer complete product production.





Robotic Assembly

NavCom’s robotic assembly tools minimizes the effort to perform repetitive tasks such as inserting sockets into PCBs. These tools can be customized for many similar applications.






Auto Insertion

NavCom maintains automatic and semi-automatic through-hole insertion machines to support legacy designs. These machines support IC’s and tape-and-reel two-lead parts. For newer surface-mount assembly requirements, NavCom maintains relationships with nearby shops having pick-and-place machines.




RF Hybrid Assembly / Chip and Wire bonding

NavCom has extensive experience in manufacturing RF and microwave assemblies, many requiring bare die with bonding to thick-film alumina substrates. These substrates, either alumina or “soft” dielectric types, are then bonded to carriers or directly to housings. Interconnections between carriers are often made with gold ribbons welded in place. Special test fixtures and stations aide with tuning, when required.





NavCom maintains an extensive inventory of commercial test equipment and special test systems capable of manual and semi-automated testing of analog, digital and RF assemblies ranging from DC to 6 GHz.