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Corona, CA Facility

Our Corona facility produces, maintains and supports the following NavCom-designed products:

  • AN/APN-232 Combined Altitude Radar Altimeter (CARA)
  • CARA Support Equipment
  • AN/UPM-155 Radar Test Set – Calibration and limited repair
  • Download Repair Warranty

DMSMS Program

NavCom maintains a comprehensive Diminishing Manufacturing Support/Manufacturing Shortage (DMSMS) program. This program, which was put in place over 20 years ago, conforms to SD-22, the DoD DMSMS guidebook. Included within this program are the use of a parts-tracking service and the periodic polling of suppliers. Of particular interest is tracking the availability of RF devices, many of which are not covered by many tracking services.

When parts become obsolete, and no suitable substitute is immediately available, when possible, lifetime buys (LTBs) are made. In many cases the LTB is made to temporarily cover production and maintenance requirements while a substitute part is found and qualified, or a minor design change can be incorporated to make use of available parts. However, in some cases the LTB must cover a prolonged time-period. In such cases, NavCom has appropriate storage arrangements including the use of dry nitrogen boxes.

Analog/Digital Design and Redesign

NavCom has designed numerous products containing complex analog and digital circuitry for communications, navigation, radar and automated test systems. These designs include high-speed logic contained in mask-programmed gate arrays, field-programmable devices, microprocessors and microcontrollers. On-going tasks involve the redesign of legacy circuits containing obsolete parts, resulting in form-fit-function drop-in replacements using readily-available components.



RF Design and Redesign

NavCom has extensive RF design experience for communications, navigation and radar systems, and related test equipment. These designs cover the frequency ranges of HF through C band (2 MHz to 6 GHz). Whereas most current designs use surface-mount devices on soft-dielectric substrates, we have many designs using thick-film on alumina substrates with chip-and-wire techniques. We have current projects to redesign such substrates with highly producible surface-mount modules using matched devices.

Embedded Software Development

Embedded software (firmware) is key to NavCom’s designs. We design, maintain, test and document code using both assembly and high-level languages.

Radiation Hardening

NavCom’s analysis and design experience includes radiation hardening for nuclear events, both Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics (TREE). Full documentation and harness maintenance are key elements of our system.


With NavCom’s RF assembly equipment, including wire and ribbon bonders and welders, automated through-hole insertion machines, surface-mount capabilities, and automated test stations, manufacturing both new design and legacy equipment is a straightforward process. We can also assist with DMSMS issues and redesign if needed.

Field Service

NavCom provides world-wide field service support for all of our current products.